Harpenden Bias?

I am pleased to see my letter to the Herts Advertiser has been printed this week about the anti-Harpenden tone of the ruling Lib Dem St Albans District Council in the recent Full Council meeting.

As you will see from my letter to the Herts Advertiser (http://bit.ly/aZcABr) my frustration was borne out of the fact the leading councillors, who should be positively representing the entirety of St Albans District, seem to have an issue with Harpenden residents.  Not only this, but this also extends to older residents too – with one councillor referring to them at one point as the ‘Blue Rinse Brigade’.

Now, I could probably put up with the idea of jibes during a council meeting.  However, the issue for me was how this extended to voting too.

In one example, a motion by Conservative County Councillor Teresa Heritage was actively blocked.  The motion was aimed at encouraging shoppers in St Albans by providing up to 2-hours free car parking.  The reason is was blocked was because the ruling council said it would only benefit Harpenden residents.  The underlying tone being ‘Harpenden residents can afford it’.  Sad to say but it just seems like inverted snobbery and a lack of understanding that  residents here are also feeling the pain of the recession.

You can read my letter here:


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