Canvassing questions #1: Faith schools

Whilst out canvassing I’m regularly asked specific questions about policies, local and national, along with my perspective on current issues.  I always aim to get back to people directly, and during this election campaign will also share my comments on this blog…

Yesterday, I was asked what the Conservative position is on Faith schools.  Personally, I believe they are a valuable asset to society and should continue to be part of our education process.

The Conservatives believe this too, and David Cameron has recently stated the same view, in particular making it clear that the number of faith schools would grow under a Conservative Government.

In a recent interview reported by The Times Online in March this year (, David Cameron said “I think that faith schools are a really important part of our education system and they often have a culture and ethos which helps to drive up standards…

If anything, I would like to see faith schools grow. Through our school reform plans, there will be a real growth in new good school places, and we’re anticipating that some of these will be in faith schools.

Conservative Shadow Childrens Secretary Michael Gove clarified this further, in the same article he states:

“We would like to see parents who want their children in faith schools to have that chance. We anticipate there will be more faith schools in the system. We have never set a target. It all depends on parental demand. We certainly anticipate there being an increase in numbers.

In terms of the current Labour Government’s views on Faith Schools there were several  articles published over the past month discussing this.  In particular looking at the Faith Schools views of the current Children’s Secretary, Ed Balls.  Several articles looking into this can be found here for further reading:

For a quick overview of where the Conservatives stand on Schools, you can visit Party website here:

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