Local Elections 2014 - Steve McKeown - Verulam Ward Candidate

St Albans District Council Local Elections 2014 – Steve McKeown – Verulam Ward Candidate

My latest entry in my #CanvassingQuestions series to find out more about the local St Albans District Conservative Candidates, this post covers an interview with Steve McKeown, the Verulam Ward Candidate:

Why do you want to be a councillor ?
My primary reasons for wanting to become a councillor are that I have a passion to help people. My job as a coach and therapist allows me empathise and sympathise with clients on a one to one basis but as a councillor I will have the opportunity to help a wide variety of people in my local community whether it be something small ranging to the wider more substantial issues. My goal is to lead and improve and exhibit a strong cohesive environment.

What difference do you believe you can make?
I believe I can help the Verulam ward by working towards creating unity within the community by listening and taking action. My main aim is to bring people together to find a  suitable working solution.

What are your top three favourite things about St Albans?
My family has lived in St Albans since the early 1800’s, so St Albans is deep within my foundations.

  1. I want to preserve our conservation areas as I feel this is a major attraction that makes St Albans special and brings people from afar which can only be a positive.
  2. I feel immensely proud of the history we have and I want my children’s children to be able witness the same beauty I have and for it to remain that way in years to come.
  3. I love to socialise and St Albans provides an abundance of restaurants and traditional pubs that are second to none. We have such a beautiful park of which I have spent many mornings playing football, afternoons picnicking and evenings taking in ambience, with so many fond memories this has be a place that is rated highly in my thoughts and heart.

Why should residents vote for you ?
Simply put, I will support local issues such as lobbying to improve the roads, pavements and lighting helping to make them a priority. Minimising any over development and continuing my already achieved efforts to stamp out anti-social behaviour.

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