A tribute to Derek Watson – Owner of Chaos City Comics

I read with great sadness this week that Chaos City Comics owner Derek Watson has died following a long illness. As a sci-fi and comic book fan myself, Derek and Chaos City were regular fixtures to my visits to St Albans. In fact, it was the only store I just HAD to visit whenever shopping in the city […]

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Daily social & tech headlines: Time to discuss ‘screen-based media’?

My top pick today is the piece by TIME magazine asking to put an end to the term ‘mobile’ when discussing technology. They make a compelling argument, and one I completely agree with. I’d go further and add ‘digital’ as another overused term. Digital now covers so many areas, used interchangeably for online ads through to interactive websites, […]

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Daily social & tech headlines

The  hashtag had a dramatic makeover today. Twitter and Sky have announced tweets containing the ‘#Watchonsky’ hashtag can be expanded to reveal Watch and Record icons that link directly to Sky’s mobile TV service Sky Go. As they put it, “a British broadcaster has created a service which lets users access live TV and set recordings via […]

Top 5 tips on pitching in awards season – a judges point of view

Over the past 4 years, I’ve been very lucky to judge the Annual British Video Association (BVA) awards amongst others.  The awards, dubbed recently by popular tech journalist (and fellow judge) Steve May (@stevemay_uk) as the “UK trade BAFTAs/Oscars” for the Home Entertainment Industry are a real highlight to the year.  Whilst the results won’t be […]