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Tech & Social Headlines: Big Data Warning to Obama

My top pick today is the MIT piece on the 5 Big Data warnings to President Obama from experts. It picks up on previous topics in my posts; technology is moving quicker than society can keep up.  The key recommendations are to improve legislation around technology and data – summed up by this quote from the […]

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Tech & social headlines: Potential breakthrough in 5G

My top pick has to be CNN’s piece that researchers are working on 5G wireless technology that can carry 100 times more data. Whilst the article focuses on the technological impact, the real benefit has to be to mobility across society. A super-speed 5G network may be the final piece in the puzzle to free-up workforces […]

Tech & Social Headlines: UK 9th in Global Networked Readiness Index

Two headlines stand out today. Both connected by a similar theme around haves and have-nots. They highlight the need for us to be fully cognisant of the world we are creating through technology and the potential impact on people across the world. The first piece, a US White House report, identifies potential for discrimination in big data usage. The full report […]

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Daily social & tech headlines: It’s good to talk

My top pick today is a touching piece in The Atlantic about how we grieve on social media. It provides an important reminder that despite the diversity of technology around us, the core benefit is to bring us all closer together. One particular quote on social media stood out:  “fomenting the grieving process…it sets it within the context of a community that […]

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Daily social & tech headlines: Has the race begun for our health data?

My top pick today is the news Facebook has bought the  fitness tracking App, Moves. I wrote about the App earlier this year in my post ‘Me, My (Quantified) Self & I‘. Whilst I’d like to think Mark Zuckerberg must have read my positive comments leading to this decision (as if!). I do think this could signal a new race for ownership […]

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Daily social & tech headlines: Time to discuss ‘screen-based media’?

My top pick today is the piece by TIME magazine asking to put an end to the term ‘mobile’ when discussing technology. They make a compelling argument, and one I completely agree with. I’d go further and add ‘digital’ as another overused term. Digital now covers so many areas, used interchangeably for online ads through to interactive websites, […]

Daily social & tech headlines: Bullied teachers and the rise of anonymity

 “We don’t need no education” – Pink Floyd, The Wall I’m showing my age, but when I was at school we wouldn’t dare talk back to a teacher, never-mind try to bully them. Which is why my top pick today is so disconcerting. The UK’s ‘Independent’ newspaper reports that 21% of 7,500 teachers polled have been bullied by pupils […]

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Daily Social & Tech Headlines: Robots, driverless cars and solar panelled roads

Just one top pick today. It’s from Wired showing Honda’s latest humanoid robot. Whilst it would be easy to make wisecracks asking why we need a robot to kick a football or open a jar, the reality is this is really impressive engineering. The bigger question is what this really means for our future. With other news covering driverless cars and solar panelled roads, one has […]

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Daily social & tech headlines

My top picks have a similar theme – what could, or should, the future look like? The Guardian provides a series of interesting quotes on how and why big data could shape public services. The opportunity is best summarised by Tom Heath, head of research at the Open Data Institute “Data can enable government to do existing things […]

Daily social & tech news round-up [12/04/14]

As I track the news each day across social media, tech and hot topics such as big data. I thought I’d share some of the more interesting headlines I come across here on my blog. Here is my first round-up of many, for today Saturday 12th 2014: NextWeb: 3 ways to build a winning big data […]

Geek chic: The role of fashion in tech

The worlds of fashion and technology couldn’t be more removed. Fashionistas praise the look, ‘techheads’ geek-out at the function. So, with wearable tech becoming the in-thing in 2014, are we about to see these worlds collide? The technological revolution was brewing for decades before going fully mainstream. It was design that tipped the balance, making […]

Rewriting the rules – a post on ‘expectation architecture’ for customer journeys

Over on the LEWIS PR 360 blog I quite often write posts about the digital and communications industry.  Often looking at the latest trends or my opinion on challenges facing the industry (e.g. see my recent ‘what’s in a language?’ blog post). However, I sometimes have to stop myself and remember that it isn’t all […]

Top 5 iPhone London Travel Apps (just in time for the Olympics)

London is truly one of the best cities in the World. Yet, getting around can be a challenge. With all the events this year – especially the Olympics – knowing how to get from A to B will require great skill. This is where my favourite iPhone travel Apps come into their own. They regularly […]

iPad 3 – my hopes for the new device…

I was asked to write a blog post on my hopes for the new iPad3.  Most of the expected changes are tweaks the existing functionality – so most won’t be expecting any major announcements.  Even so, I really hope Apple pull something special out of the bag.  My main hope is to see something really […]

If Content is King, Quotability is Queen – the power of social search

Social Search is a new buzzword for any comms professional – and should be something anyone who cares about the reputation of their organisation understands.  After all, Google is often the front line for any business.  If you don’t appear on the first page results, or if the 1 sentence pitch in the results isn’t […]

A bit of rapping fun

The daughter of one of our local Conservative Councillors, Cllr Richard Perry, has created this rap with her friend about the General Election. It’s all for a bit of fun and it’s great to see kids getting involved in the general election (plus it’s pretty good!). Enjoy…

Canvassing questions #4: Why politicians witter on twitter

When out canvassing, I regularly ask people to check out this blog or my twitter feed to find out more. Along with being asked how I make time for it all (and sometimes jokes about being a ‘twit’) I find that most people wonder why on earth politicians are wasting their time online.