Thanks First Capital Connect – you listened!

Back in January I wrote a concerned blog post ‘An open call: trains, disruption and safeguarding schoolkids‘. It was a public request to train operators (especially First Capital Connect) to improve how they safeguard children commuting during disruptions to service. Following a huge amount of public support, I was able to raise the issue directly with First Capital […]

#CanvassingQuestions: St Albans Interviews – Mary Maynard (Harpenden East)

With the UK local elections just days away. I have restarted my #CanvassingQuestions series to find out some more about the local St Albans District Conservative Candidates.  This post covers an interview with Mary Maynard, the candidate for Harpenden East: Why do you want to be a councillor ?  Working as a management consultant for over 25 years, […]

The return of #canvassingquestions

The local and London Mayoral elections are upon us once again.  Which for anyone connected to a political party, means the next few weeks will be a great period for keeping fit.  Or to put it more more accurately – pounding the streets canvassing and delivering leaflets. More importantly, it’s a time where we are […]

Thank you from your new Harpenden East District Councillor

For those that may not have already heard, I am very pleased to announce that on Friday 7th May 2010, I was elected as the St Albans District Councillor for Harpenden East. The position is a real honour and I am looking forward to working hard to represent our community. This includes delivering on promises […]

Peter Lilley out in Harpenden

After catching up with Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP on Thursday night at the Harpenden Hustings, Peter kindly came out to canvass with me in Batford on Saturday too. We had a great turnout from many of the local Conservatives team including councillors and supporters, and the weather was glorious, which always makes canvassing even […]

A bit of rapping fun

The daughter of one of our local Conservative Councillors, Cllr Richard Perry, has created this rap with her friend about the General Election. It’s all for a bit of fun and it’s great to see kids getting involved in the general election (plus it’s pretty good!). Enjoy…

Canvassing questions #2: Looking after our seniors

As part of my series of ‘canvassing questions’ I am using this blog to provide answers to questions I’ve been asked on the doorstep. Whilst out canvassing yesterday the topic of conversation regularly turned to caring for our elderly…

Bad weather, good day.

I was out and about in Harpenden all day on Saturday again with lots of Councillors and supporters. The weather was awful with Winter having one last downpour before Spring.  We didn’t mind though – we met hundreds of local residents across Harpenden East and gained lots of really useful feedback. Once again, we had […]

Out and about in Harpenden

Several supporters, Councillors and the Town Mayor were out with me again on Saturday to canvass local residents across Harpenden East on Saturday.  As usual people were friendly and willing to let us know their thoughts on local issues. As you can imagine, I had lots of conversations with people across the course of the day, […]

Another weekend in Batford

I was joined by lots of local Town, District and County councillors, our Town mayor and local supporters on Saturday whilst out in Batford.  We spent the day meeting residents again this weekend and I came away with lots of feedback. In particular, concerns with Batford Springs came up several times.  The nature reserve is located […]

Back out in Batford

I was joined in Batford this morning with Town Councillor Caroline Vincent and our Town Mayor Rosemary Farmer, who kindly braved the cold weather despite being ill. As usual, residents were really kind by taking time out to chat with us about their local concerns and issues. Although we had lots of conversations, at the end […]

First Capital Connect – broken promises

I recently wrote about meeting Neal Lawson, the Managing Director of First Capital Connect, at the ‘meet the managers’ session at Harpenden Train Station. During the conversation I had with Mr Lawson, joined by Cllr Julie Bell, he assured me improvements in communications was a priority. Yet this morning, I sat on a FCC train […]

First Capital Connect – meeting with MD Neal Lawson

I was at Harpenden Train Station last night at the First Capital Connect (FCC) ‘meet the manager’ Meeting that FCC are organising at several stations along the Bedford to Brighton line. Whilst the Conservatives have been at the forefront of battling with FCC to get things moving with our own Peter Lilley MP  asking the […]

Congratulations to our new Town Mayor

I’d like to congratulate Daniel Chichester-Miles, a friend and Conservative Town & District Councillor on being announced as the new Harpenden Town Mayor (see Herts Advertiser).  I’m confident he will do a brilliant job, following on from the current Town Mayor Rosemary Farmer (and also a Conservative Town Councillor). Well done Daniel! Well deserved.

Harpenden Bias?

I am pleased to see my letter to the Herts Advertiser has been printed this week about the anti-Harpenden tone of the ruling Lib Dem St Albans District Council in the recent Full Council meeting. As you will see from my letter to the Herts Advertiser ( my frustration was borne out of the fact the […]