Daily social & tech round up [13/04/2014]

Here are my picks of today’s news across social media and technology. Heartbleed has dominated overall, creating a slow news day elsewhere. Biggest announcement are plans for an Amazon Kindle phone – supposedly with full 3D. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s board faces a lawsuit from one of their own shareholders. They’re unhappy with the the way the company dealt with the issues that led to a $731 million fine by European antitrust regulators. Check out all the links below:

WSJ: Hadoop There It Is: Big Data Tech Gaining Traction

Sky: Solar Technology ‘Could Power The World’

USAToday: Social sharers jump on Twitter to say Instagram is down

TechTimes: Amazon smartphone may be real but Apple, Samsung need not worry

Forbes: Will Digital Technology Disrupt The Psychotherapy Market?

BusinessInsider: This ‘Social Robot’ May Be The Weirdest New Technology Since Google Glass

IndustryTap: Heartbleed Bug Squashes Internet Security for Millions – Partial List Of Vulnerable Sites

ENCA: Microsoft sued by a shareholder

[Header image: Taken from BBC News website – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-26969629]

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