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My top picks have a similar theme – what could, or should, the future look like? The Guardian provides a series of interesting quotes on how and why big data could shape public services. The opportunity is best summarised by Tom Heath, head of research at the Open Data Institute Data can enable government to do existing things more cheaply, do existing things better and do new things we don’t currently do.”. Who can argue with that. 

Meanwhile in the US, the Pew Institute wanted to know what Americans think the future will look like. Seems they are expecting lab-grown organs, robot carers and teleportation in the coming decades. The biggest surprise? Just 9% said the futuristic invention they would most like to have is a time machine. I can’t begin to imagine what the other 91% thought could top that!

Thinking even further into the future – Time magazine has published an in-depth article about a new religion with a twist. It sets out to store memories for centuries in the belief it will deliver believers into a world where our souls can outlive our bodies.

Top picks:

Guardian: How big data is transforming public services – expert views

PBS: Americans predict what the future looks like for technology

Time: The Rapture of the Nerds 

The best of the rest:

ZDNet: Big Data: In conclusion

GCN: Big data takes on the kill chain

SiliconAngle: Diving into Big Data : Data lakes vs. data streams

PublicCEO: Information Services Turn Big Data Into Big Insights for Cities

InformationAge: Big data insight without action is wasted effort – data scientist 

BI: On Social Networks, Engagement Is Becoming The Metric That Matters

WSJ: Middle East ‘Mad Men’ Embrace Social Media

Forbes: Measuring Social Networking Success: More Than Just Likes

Technorati: Why 2015 will be all about transferable social media audiences

CNN: Social data as a business is dead. Long live big data services

MIT: Broad Institute Gets Patent on Revolutionary Gene-Editing Method

TNW: Digital disruption is changing business, but technology isn’t the only answer

Express: Revolutionary technology scans shoppers’ VEINS to make purchases at the till

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