Daily social & tech headlines: Bullied teachers and the rise of anonymity

 “We don’t need no education” – Pink Floyd, The Wall

I’m showing my age, but when I was at school we wouldn’t dare talk back to a teacher, never-mind try to bully them. Which is why my top pick today is so disconcerting. The UK’s ‘Independent’ newspaper reports that 21% of 7,500 teachers polled have been bullied by pupils via social media. The article states that teachers are increasingly facing “vile” abuse – both words and video – via social channels.

The piece brought to mind several other recent articles. The first from The Economist article ‘Secrets and lies’ which investigated the rise of anonymous Apps. The second was an MIT article entitled “Laws and Ethics Can’t Keep Pace with Technology”. The final story was in Neutral magazine, which included the quote: “Users who would ordinarily avoid confrontation for fear of physical or lawful reprisals find themselves free to act online as they wish, insulting and harassing others without consequence.

These three articles, when considered together, build a fascinating picture of a very modern challenge. A new era in which perceived anonymity is developing into a shield for seemingly out-of-character actions. A time when real anonymity has become a luxury item. And finally, a period when the law isn’t able to keep up with the pace of change. This makes the Independent article so powerful. They all indicate a generational gap which is more than music, fashion or technology, but deeply psychological? Which, if true, requires research and education today, so we don’t risk an even bigger generational gap tomorrow.

Top pick: Independent: Teachers: ‘Our pupils are targeting us on social media’ with more than a quarter victims of abuse

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Just odd…

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