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Daily social & tech headlines: Does demise of Nike Fuelband prove the birth of Apple’s iWatch?

My tip pick today has to be the news spreading across the web that Nike is (allegedly) dropping it’s Fuelband after firing most of the team working on it. Despite being a fan of the Fuelband myself, I can’t say it’s a surprise. With the rise of the smart watch, sparked initially by the Samsung Gear , why would Nike want to compete? Especially when their Nike+ Apps are so successful without the Fuelband.

This move also fuels (excuse the pun) the fire of the Apple iWatch too.  Nike won’t want to be competing for wrist-space against yet another wearable tech player – especially not their close buddy Apple who they’ve partnered so closely with in the past. Making this move a win-win, and will likely lead to a whole load of new iWatch optimised Nike+ Apps.

Taking this further, as smart watches become as prevalent as smart phones, the (big) data collected across the globe around movement and exercise will also become a huge growth area. So perhaps this relatively small move to drop the Fuelband is actually an opportunity for Nike to lead a new category in the wearable tech space:  something I’ll dub QSAAS (Quantified Self As A Service). Only time will tell…

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