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Daily Social & Tech Headlines: Robots, driverless cars and solar panelled roads

Just one top pick today. It’s from Wired showing Honda’s latest humanoid robot. Whilst it would be easy to make wisecracks asking why we need a robot to kick a football or open a jar, the reality is this is really impressive engineering. The bigger question is what this really means for our future. With other news covering driverless cars and solar panelled roads, one has to expect the next 100 years to be defined by moments like these, even if we don’t realise it right now.

Top pick:

Wired: Watch the Astounding Dexterity of Honda’s Dancing Humanoid Robot

Best of the rest:

Forbes: Is Big Data A Potential Distraction?

CBS: New safety technology paves the way for driverless cars

GlobalPost: (US) Ministry eyes big data to provide evacuation info during disasters

Diginomica: Big Brother and the big data dividend

CommerceTimes(US): IT Providers Stew Over Big Data Privacy Regulation

Spokesman: Sandpoint innovators’ solar road panels remove snow, generate power (US city replacing a traditional road surface with super-strong, textured glass panels that harness solar power)

Forbes: Social Intrapreneurism: How Business Innovators Are Helping To Build A More Sustainable World

NextWeb: How to grow an awesome community to fuel your social startup

CorpCounsel: International Social Media and Freedom of Expression

MIT: The Cost of Limiting Climate Change Could Double without Carbon Capture Technology

TIME: The History of Technology, as Told in Wacky British Pathé Newsreels

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