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Daily social & tech headlines: Time to discuss ‘screen-based media’?

My top pick today is the piece by TIME magazine asking to put an end to the term ‘mobile’ when discussing technology. They make a compelling argument, and one I completely agree with.

I’d go further and add ‘digital’ as another overused term. Digital now covers so many areas, used interchangeably for online ads through to interactive websites, it has gradually come to mean so much it means nothing.

Which makes me wonder if we should reconsider the language we use around media generally too? Just like ‘media relations’ has evolved into ‘influencer relations’; taking into account the important role of bloggers and other online (and offline) influence. Perhaps we should reevaluate other media types too. Take the rise in smart TV’s and smart watches along with smart mobile devices. They all have a common element – a screen; possibly the most significant part of all our daily lives yet completely ignored in media-based conversations.

So should we begin to consider a new media type –  ‘screen based media’. For example, with the rise of the second screen and streaming sites such as Netflix, do we really need to think about broadcast media differently from social media. Aren’t they becoming interconnected? Similarly, when creating PR materials, they are no longer optimised just for print, they are more successful when developed to create impact on ‘screen based media’. Whilst it is early days to see how media will merge and evolve. It surely makes sense for re-categorisation in the coming years, with the conversation starting now.

TIME: When We Talk About Technology, It’s Time to Stop Using the Word ‘Mobile’ – TIME

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