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Daily social & tech headlines

The most prominent trend from the headlines below is the migration of two major firms towards big data. Microsoft and Twitter have both indicated this is key to their future strategy.

Whilst this is yet another inevitable step towards the intersection of big data and social media. I hope this collision of two major trends also takes heed of today’s MIT headline too: ‘Law & ethics can’t keep pace with technological change’.

GeekWire: With new tools, Microsoft aims to bring big data to the masses

BI: Twitter Is Quietly Building A $100 Million Business In Big Data

Guardian: Big data and open data: what’s what and why does it matter?

Forbes: Medicare’s Big Data Dump Is Just That – A Dump

InformationAge: How big data is saving bankers’ bonuses

Atlantic: Scientists Discover How to Generate Solar Power in the Dark

Forbes: This Little Solar Powered Lantern Named ‘Luci’ Is Having A Big Impact

Bloomberg: Smartphones and Social Media Power China’s E-Shopping Revolution

Fox: The Secret to Social Media Marketing

ZDNet: Twitter nabs Gnip in social analytics race

Forbes: How Researchers Use Social Media To Map The Conflict In Syria

F@stCompany: The social media frequency guide: how often to post to facebook, twitter, linkedin, and more

MIT: Laws and Ethics Can’t Keep Pace with Technology

ITBusinessEdge: Tensions Between IT and Business Leadership Force New Approach to Delivering Technology

MIT: How to Detect Criminal Gangs Using Mobile Phone Data

SocialTimes: Tumblr to Add Curalate Visual Analytics to the Platform

LATimes: Full lunar eclipse: ‘Blood moon’ photos light up social media

MediaBistro: 7 Social Media Trends That Are Shaping 2014 [Infographic below]

Media Mosaic Infographic

Infographic courtesy of Media Mosaic []

Header image taken from Tweet by @NASAGoddardPix “What a view! MT @OldMangoCompany: @NASAGoddardPix as it happened tonight from St. Thomas

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