Damning verdict of local Lib Dems in resignation by David Gilroy

*** please see article update note at bottom of this article ***
The email transcript below is an open (and damning) resignation letter to Nick Clegg emailed last night by the St Albans Liberal Democrat David Gilroy* (after 3 decades in the party).  The resignation was sparked by the issues with Westminster Lodge – you can find more on this here.

In it he concludes that ‘this local Liberal Democrats (Travesty) Party is also Unfit for Purpose’ – something I personally feel no glee about because this ultimately is a failure for the residents across the District.

Read it in full here:


From: David Gilroy


Dear Mr Clegg ,

After around 3 decades, I am resigning from the Liberal Democrats Party with immediate effect.

This is following it’s Councillors’ disgraceful conduct at last Wednesday’s Referrals Planning Meeting Case No 5/10/0259 at St .Albans Council Offices 7pm -10 pm on 28th April 2010.

I am particularly disgusted with the cynical and downright contemptuous conduct of Lib Dem Councillor Brazier the supposedly “impartial ” Chair of the meeting that night. This was not democracy – it was  a pre-determined travesty – a stitch up.

As you can see and hear from the official podcast , I spoke against the Planning Application as a professional engineering project manager of 40 years .

I criticised the gross incompetence of the St. Albans District Council’s new Westminster Lodge

Project team specifically their mismanagement of the PMP Report of 2005 and their subsequent total lack of any professional demand analysis and  competence to this day .

As a result , our  great City of St.Albans is heading for a £27  million inadequate  Main Pool disaster that will be a poisoned chalice to all of us for generations.

I have concluded both as a citizen and as a professional engineering project manager that the above Planning Application is Unfit for Purpose .

I have also concluded that this local Liberal Democrats (Travesty) Party is also Unfit for Purpose.

Hang your heads in shame – you have been serially disingenuous, unprofessional  and incompetent on this issue  for years and have failed the people and yourselves.

You don’t deserve our trust anymore or our our vote next Thursday 6 May 2010 .

I am copying this without fear or favour to every member of St.Albans District Council , all 5 PPC’s , the press and others.

Finally , Mr Clegg, I will be taking a large pair of shears to my Lib Dem membership card and will sent the remnants to you in due course.

I thank God that we, the people of St.Albans have exposed the Lib Dems for what  they are , incompetent and disingenuous manipulators , and just in time!

In the circumstances, resignation on principle is the only honourable course of action left for me to take. Mark my words – Wednesday 28th April 2010 will come back to haunt you.

Eur Ing David L. Gilroy . M.Sc. C.Eng . MIET.


*Oops! Update to my post – please note my honest mistake – David Gilroy is not a Councillor as I originally stated.

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