Election day message for Harpenden East

Dear Harpenden East,

Since being selected as the Harpenden East Conservative District Council candidate, many of you will have seen me out and about every weekend and most evenings meeting local residents and talking about your concerns and hopes for the ward and in fact the bigger national picture.

It’s been a busy and enlightening time and I couldn’t have expected a more welcoming response on the doorstep. I won’t forget the conversations I have had with you all, ranging from local issues such as the green belt and the need for ‘places for kids to hang out’, through to one kind resident drawing me a map of local cycle routes for when I get time off!

I have to say, this experience has been life-changing and has given me even more focus on making a difference locally. I have heard from residents concerned about about pockets of anti-social behaviour. I have listened to angry council tennants who feel they need more support. And I have spoken to people with valid concerns about the rise in back-garden builds and the impact this will have on infrastructure such as schools. And above all, I have shared the frustrations of local residents that, like me, feel Harpenden is unfairly sidelined by the LibDem ruled St Albans District Council.

You will know from my previous posts that I am passionate about Harpenden, and if you elect me I will continue the hard work of your existing local conservative team to deliver positive action. I will also work tirelessly to give Harpenden a bigger voice within St Albans District too. I promise that I will be a Councillor that you can rely upon to listen, help wherever possible and stand up for the people of Harpenden.

So please help me deliver the results that are important to you. Remember a vote for Dean Russell is a vote for Harpenden and your vote can make a difference.

Thank you.

Dean Russell

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