If Content is King, Quotability is Queen – the power of social search

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Social Search is a new buzzword for any comms professional – and should be something anyone who cares about the reputation of their organisation understands.  After all, Google is often the front line for any business.  If you don’t appear on the first page results, or if the 1 sentence pitch in the results isn’t strong enough – you could not only lose a sale but be handing them on a plate to your competitor.

The rule of thumb for search is no longer pushing out reams and reams of keyword rich content – instead marketers need to consider how shareable content is and importantly how to create conversation around this.

I argue that whilst Content is King, Quotability is Queen.  Organisations need to create ‘water-cooler’ content that people will want to share, discuss and quote online to ensure maximum visibility on Google in the future.

On this topic, I was recently asked to write a top tips guide on the topic of social search for B2B Marketing magazine.  I outlined 5 tips for businesses to consider in the new age of search with topics ranging from supporting your staff to creating sharing strategies.  For the full article visit the B2B Marketing website by clicking here.

I was also quoted on Social Search for marketers in New Media Knowledge this week too – the article by Chris Lee is worth checking out.  The article “Just what is “social search” and how can marketers embrace it?” can be found on the NMK website.

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