GE2015 Campaign Archive

This section contains the archived campaign pages from my general election campaign for Luton North.

It was a huge honour to stand as the prospective MP for the constituency, and despite not winning the election, I feel proud of the result achieved.

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Events and activities

My ABC strategy for Luton North

My message to Luton North residents following the election is below for quick reference too:

Thank you for all your support

Whilst saddened to not be elected as your Luton North MP. I want to say thank you to people across ‎Luton‬ for your support. It’s been a pleasure & an honour.

To the nearly 13,000 people who voted for me. I would like to say a personal thank you for your support and trust in me to be your MP. Although it was not to be – every single vote was appreciated.

To my opponents, I would like to say thank you for a fair and clean local election campaign. Having met all of you countless times at hustings and out campaigning, I can honestly say each one of you fought passionately and with integrity. That was the right thing to do, and I believe we showed a positive side of politics in Luton. Of course that includes your winning candidate, Kelvin Hopkins MP, who has proven to live up to his reputation as a thoroughly nice guy (even if we do differ greatly on our politics!!).

To my colleagues and supporters across Luton who stood as candidates, helped deliver leaflets, knocked on doors and donated time to help the campaign. Thank you for helping deliver such a strong Conservative voice in Luton. We still got nearly a third of the overall vote – and returned five Councillors to the chamber. Up from the last election. We can only get stronger from here.

Nationally, I am proud that the Country has chosen a majority Conservative government. It is the decision we needed to deliver a strong economy and decisive leadership for the coming years. Despite Luton sticking with Labour locally, I am hopeful that you will still reap the rewards of a national Conservative government who will deliver greater opportunity for you and your family.

Finally, to those of you who backed me because of my ABC strategy, in particular my People Powered Partnership pledge, remember that greater accountability is still possible. You just need to ask for it, challenge your local politicians and expect them to offer more ongoing engagement. Every councillor, MP and Police & Crime Commissioner is there to represent YOU. So please expect more from them and challenge them to engage regularly with the community across Luton before decisions are made.

Thank you and best wishes.

Dean Russell