My A-B-C Strategy for Luton North

I have an ambitious, achievable and positive vision for Luton North. It is founded on giving you back your voice, creating opportunity and delivering a better future.

Accountability: I will launch a People-Powered Partnership to solve local issues together as a community.

Business Growth: I will position Luton as a Technology Town – attracting creative, technology & service-sector businesses to increase job opportunities in growing 21st Century industries.

Community First: Dean will champion open door policies and events that celebrate commonality not just diversity. I will also actively challenge the council on further closures of community centres and libraries.

Launching a People Powered Partnership

When elected, I pledge to set-up and personally Chair a regularly held ‘People-Powered Partnership’.

The purpose is to engage our whole community, and all those organisations working for the community to raise and solve common issues, together.

The People-Powered Partnership will invite organisations from across Luton from NHS, Police, Charity, Luton Borough Council, Community members, Business leaders and you.

The meetings will be non-political, public and accessible to all with the sole focus of raising and solving local issues collaboratively within our community, and for our community.

I want to give you back your voice in Luton North.

So along with the meetings, an online portal will be developed to ensure both issues and suggestions can be raised for the People-Powered Partnership to discuss and respond to. Most importantly, the actions and their results will be tracked publicly.

By acting together, I am confident we can solve even the most challenging of problems. Together, we can make sure issues don’t fall through the cracks. Most importantly. by working together, we deliver a positive vision for Luton, that enables us to all have a better tomorrow. 

Turning Luton into a 21st Century Technology Town

My vision is aspirational yet achievable.  I want Luton to become a thriving ‘Technology Town’.

We have everything we need to succeed in creating new jobs in Luton, the only thing we have lacked is local political leadership to make it happen.

My strategy will deliver business investment from growing sectors such as technology, digital and creative industries.  Creating more jobs in new sectors for Luton residents, increasing opportunities, raising expectations for communities and breaking down any barriers. It also means young people will no longer need to move away from Luton to launch their careers, they will be able to do it right here and help contribute to Luton’s success.

I believe Luton can become a Town fit for the 21st Century. Workforce skills and business is changing globally. With the right approach Luton North can take advantage of this and lead the way.

My strategy is simple. I want people to invest in Luton North, not because it’s a cheaper option or overspill for other areas, but because it is the best place to live and work. With your support, we can make this a reality.

I’m confident this can be achieved with your support on May 7th.