Dean Russell Selected As Luton North Parliamentary Candidate

Luton North Parliamentary Candidate

I am proud to be selected as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Luton North. I will be updating my progress and activities on The Russell Review over the coming months.

The official press release is provided below from the Luton Conservative Association – where I’ll be spending a lot of time from now on!

**** Press Release *****

38 year-old charity ambassador, businessman and former Councillor, Dean Russell, has over 14 years experience in the digital and creative industries. He has a proven track record working with the charity sector where he is a volunteer champion for ‘Media Trust’ and advisor to Armed Forces charity ‘Give Us Time’.

Dean is the former chair of a local government health & wellbeing partnership and former columnist for the charity magazine Third Sector. Dean was also one of the early ambassadors for online accessibility, helping people with disabilities use technology.

Dean is thrilled to have been selected for Luton North and feels honoured to represent the local community. “I understand the challenges we face in Luton North. I intend to be the MP for the whole community, focusing on common sense policies, fighting for your rights and driving business investment.

“With Luton’s proximity to London, it is a travesty we do not have more local investment. You deserve an MP who focuses on your needs and concerns, with an aspirational view of Luton’s future and a tireless energy to make a difference for you and your family. I hope to be that person.

“I intend to address the issues you are raising with me on the doorstep. From attracting greater business investment and jobs, to tackling the blight of crime on our streets.

“Luton North deserves better. I will bring common sense back to Luton’s politics and help deliver a vision where you feel today is better than yesterday.”

**** End ****

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