Canvassing in Bramingham

  I was out in Bramingham with candidate John Young and Cllr Gilbert Campbell. We got a great reception on the doorstep and even some in-depth debate. At one door, a gentleman took me to task about politicians not having ‘real life’ experience. I explained that I’d worked my way from a normal working class background through […]

Canvassing in Icknield

  I was out again with local council candidates in Icknield. It was a glorious (despite rather chilly) day. Lots of great banter on the doorstep, with the same old story once again. Residents saying they are fed up with that Labour’s local administration not listening to their concerns. Along with several residents actively stating their agreement we must continue […]

Canvassing in Icknield

  It was a great day canvassing out in Icknield in Luton North. Lots of really positive feedback on the doorstep. I was taken aback at the volume of support and level of positivity from residents. The underlying complaint, as always, was the frustration at Labour-led Luton Borough Council. One resident made the comment that […]

Meeting residents in Sundon Park

  I had a busy day canvassing in the (freezing) cold with Sundon Park candidates Jonathan Saxty and Kevin Chapman. We were joined by other supporters including Luton council candidate Aziz Ambia and Vice Chairman of Luton Conservatives Margaret Simons too. The message from the doorstep was loud and clear – Labour’s Luton Borough Council are just not listening. […]

#Canvassingquestions – St Albans interviews – Michael Weaver (Harpenden West)

Why do I want to be a Councillor? I have been a Town Councillor for 9 years, which has been a great apprenticeship for becoming a District Councillor. This year I have been Harpenden`s Town Mayor. I now feel I can bring to the wider district in St Albans the benefit of all the experience […]

#Canvassingquestions – St Albans interviews – Heidi Suzanne Allen (Marshalswick South)

Why do you want to be a St Albans district councillor? Because I genuinely believe that while our country is in difficulty, it is time for those of with energy, skills and determination to step forward and offer our services. I believe in David Cameron’s Big Society; so where better place to start, than my […]

#Canvassingquestions – St Albans interviews – Simon Calder (London Colney)

As part of my new series of canvassing questions I thought it would be useful to shine a light on some of our St Albans District Conservative Candidates.  This post covers an interview with Simon Calder, the candidate for London Colney: Why do you want to be a St Albans district councillor?  I want to […]

The return of #canvassingquestions

The local and London Mayoral elections are upon us once again.  Which for anyone connected to a political party, means the next few weeks will be a great period for keeping fit.  Or to put it more more accurately – pounding the streets canvassing and delivering leaflets. More importantly, it’s a time where we are […]

Peter Lilley out in Harpenden

After catching up with Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP on Thursday night at the Harpenden Hustings, Peter kindly came out to canvass with me in Batford on Saturday too. We had a great turnout from many of the local Conservatives team including councillors and supporters, and the weather was glorious, which always makes canvassing even […]

Canvassing questions #1: Faith schools

Whilst out canvassing I’m regularly asked specific questions about policies, local and national, along with my perspective on current issues.  I always aim to get back to people directly, and during this election campaign will also share my comments on this blog…

Bad weather, good day.

I was out and about in Harpenden all day on Saturday again with lots of Councillors and supporters. The weather was awful with Winter having one last downpour before Spring.  We didn’t mind though – we met hundreds of local residents across Harpenden East and gained lots of really useful feedback. Once again, we had […]

Out and about in Harpenden

Several supporters, Councillors and the Town Mayor were out with me again on Saturday to canvass local residents across Harpenden East on Saturday.  As usual people were friendly and willing to let us know their thoughts on local issues. As you can imagine, I had lots of conversations with people across the course of the day, […]