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Tech & Social Headlines: Big Data Warning to Obama

My top pick today is the MIT piece on the 5 Big Data warnings to President Obama from experts. It picks up on previous topics in my posts; technology is moving quicker than society can keep up.  The key recommendations are to improve legislation around technology and data – summed up by this quote from the full White House report ‘Big Data – Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values’ here:

‘No matter how quickly technology advances, it remains within our power to ensure that we both encourage innovation and protect our values through law, policy, and the practices we encourage in the public and private sector.’ 

Despite it’s thoroughness there is still something the report can’t cover – how society will evolve due to big data and the convergence of technology.

The risk in establishing rigid frameworks through legislation is the potential misunderstanding of the potential future benefits. Really, are those of us with 20th Century mindsets around privacy truly able to understand the benefits big data? Only time will tell whether generations in the future will look back and thank us for creating reams of legislation, or will they simply ask why we were so paranoid about this stuff?

Whatever the answer,  the big data butterfly has only just started fluttering it’s wings. I doubt anyone has yet to fully comprehend what hurricanes it will form several generations from now.

Top picks: 

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