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Tech & social headlines: How social media has changed Journalism

My top pick is the Washington Post article on research into U.S. journalists usage of social media. For those of us working in PR & Comms it comes as no surprise that social media has revolutionised the way stories are both sourced and reported.

For communications agencies, the report reaffirms the need to shift towards Influencer Relations. A huge growth area and one focussed on the individual rather than the publication alone. One statistic highlighted journalists are also looking to build two-way relationships too with more than two thirds stating they are more engaged with their audiences thanks to the platforms.

The following quote is music to PR professionals ears too. Further proof journalists are constantly on the lookout for new ideas too:

“73.1 percent specifically cited using social media to check in on what the competition is reporting on, and many other uses like finding ideas for stories and staying in touch with audiences were also quite popular.”

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Top pick:

WashingtonPost: Three charts that explain how U.S. journalists use social media

Best of the rest: 

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