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Tech & social headlines: Social media & stigma of mental health

The top pick today is a piece in Huffington Post asking if social media dependence has links to mental health issues. In my work as the chair of a health & wellbeing partnership, I came to appreciate the inherent challenges of mental health – both for individuals and the organisations attempting to provide support. Mental health is an invisible entity which is difficult to comprehend for people who have not faced such issues. Conditions such as depression, OCD and bipolar can cause changes that, to an outsider, seemingly change an individuals personality. This can be exhibited by changing moods and/or behaviour. Sadly, because of a widespread lack of understanding this whole area has stigma attached to it.

Thankfully, this stigma is slowly fading. Which it could be argued has been helped by excellent campaigns on social media channels. This is why this article resonated with me. As with anything in life, moderation is key. Any tool, channel, words or voices can be used as a force for good or bad. So whilst social media can be linked to mental health, it doesn’t necessarily mean social media is the cause. It is likely an exhibition of the symptoms. Meaning there is an opportunity to use it to spot patterns of behaviour, and provide greater support for those in need. I won’t delve into the points in the article itself, as it is pretty in-depth. I’m just pleased we are able to discuss issues like this in the open. Long may it continue…

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