Tech & Social Headlines: UK 9th in Global Networked Readiness Index

Two headlines stand out today. Both connected by a similar theme around haves and have-nots. They highlight the need for us to be fully cognisant of the world we are creating through technology and the potential impact on people across the world.

The first piece, a US White House report, identifies potential for discrimination in big data usage. The full report is to be published shortly.

The second, a more in-depth piece, is the MIT article on the results of The Global Information Technology Report 2014 by the World Economic Forum. The findings indicate that poorer countries are likely to miss out on big data boom. The report itself is far reaching and incredibly detailed. I have pulled out the ranking chart below which shows how the UK fares –  9th overall.  It’s a fascinating read, and well worth checking out (if you like that kind of thing).

World Economic Forum - Global Information Technology Report 2014 - Top 10

World Economic Forum – Global Information Technology Report 2014 – Top 10

Top picks:

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