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Tech & Social Review: Omnicom-Publicis – the ego of the oligarchs

My top pick today is the coverage around the breakdown of the Omnicom-Publicis deal. As a former Omnicom employee (a Director at Fleishman Hillard), the original news of these two behemoths coming together was quite a surprise (as it was for the Omnicom & Publicis agencies too!). In any other industry it wouldn’t be allowed – an incredibly stifling restriction in choice for clients. I always felt the deal would effectively create an unheard level of buying power with the ad networks – creating an uncompetitive environment for the many smaller agencies with lesser ad budgets.

The deal also failed to address the changing social and influencer driven nature of communications. An area that requires a localised approach, which is nimble and flexible with a human touch. Instead this deal seemed to assume bigger is better – a very 20th Century concept for an industry that should be progressive.

Even with rumours that the deal wasn’t going smoothly, I doubt many believed it would be allowed to fail. The articles linked below reflect this but also tend to focus on the financial aspects of the failed deal. They don’t address the underlying narrative; that ego got in the way of this deal. In fact, it all feels a bit like a bad episode of Mad Men, an embarrassing insight into the oligarchy that currently rule over the comms industry.

The challenge now for these communications giants will be how they communicate their way out of this. Something I expect the entire industry will be following closely for many months & years to come…

Top picks 

Bloomberg: Omnicom, Publicis Scrap $35 Billion Merger as Cultures Clash

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WSJ: WPP CEO Not Surprised Omnicom-Publicis Merger Deal Unraveled

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Guardian: Omnicom-Publicis merger collapses

Reuters: Battle for control destroyed $35-billion Omnicom-Publicis merger

Telegraph: Publicis and Omnicom abandon $35bn merger

Telegraph: WPP targets Samsung after Publicis-Omnicom deal collapses

Best of the rest:

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