Thanks First Capital Connect – you listened!

Back in January I wrote a concerned blog post ‘An open call: trains, disruption and safeguarding schoolkids‘. It was a public request to train operators (especially First Capital Connect) to improve how they safeguard children commuting during disruptions to service.

Following a huge amount of public support, I was able to raise the issue directly with First Capital Connect. We met soon after and they confirmed they were listening and would look at the issue.

Specifically, we discussed the need to provide better advice to kids about ‘what to do’ if stuck due to train disruptions or cancellations.  FCC assured me they would take action…

It was all going really well. Then on 23rd May 2014 I heard that FCC had lost the contract for our local Thameslink route. I expected all the discussions to be lost in the mix.

Which is why I am pleased to write this post right now.

Today (because of this campaign) First Capital Connect have just launched a new safety video for kids/young or vulnerable adults delayed or stuck on disrupted trains.

First Capital Connect confirmed earlier that they will be sending this video to their database of school networks this week. They also confirmed they have changed the way they alert schools during disruption too.

It’s only 1m33s long and could make a huge difference for kids across the country and on any train line during disruption. So please share with your children and check your local school is aware of it too.

So thanks to First Capital Connect and a huge thank you to everyone who supported the campaign.

This may be a small win, but if it helps improve safety for just one child, it will all have been worth it.


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