Top 5 iPhone London Travel Apps (just in time for the Olympics)

London is truly one of the best cities in the World. Yet, getting around can be a challenge. With all the events this year – especially the Olympics – knowing how to get from A to B will require great skill. This is where my favourite iPhone travel Apps come into their own. They regularly save me time, hassle and a huge amount of stress. So here are my current top 5 London travel Apps.

Hailo App

Hailo (free)

Hailo is – by far – my favourite travel App. Imagine the scene: You’re running late, it’s pouring with rain and there are no Hackney Carriage Black cabs on the road. Worse, still, you just realised you’ve got no cash on you. Familiar? With Hailo this nightmare becomes a distant memory. Hailo makes it possible to use geo-location to hail a genuine Black taxi via the App and even choose to pay by cash or credit card. The App even shows where the cab is, a photo and name of the driver and the registration number. I have rarely had to wait any longer than 2-3 minutes for the cab to arrive, and I even get a receipt emailed to me – great for expenses.

Live Bus Times AppLive Bus Times (£0.69)

Don’t fancy forking out for a taxi? Well, this relatively new App makes the cheaper option of catching a bus nice and easy. It uses geo-location to work out where you are, or you can plug in locations you want to travel to/from. It’s nice and simple providing countdown boards, real-time tracking and most importantly provides alerts for delays or diversions (essential for London!).

Citymapper AppCitymapper (free)

Sometimes I simply have no idea what is the best option to get to a meeting the other side of London. Cab (expensive), Tube (risk delays), Bus (slow), Cycle (might rain) or walking (really really slow). Thankfully, Citymapper solves this dilemma. It provides options against all of these including costs and even calories. The options even include routes based on how long it will take and even rain-safe routes. It’s still in early stages, but the initial signs indicate this will be an essential App for any budding Londoner.

Tube Exits AppTube Exits (£0.69)

There are plenty of London Tube Apps out there. Yet, the challenge isn’t always just getting the Tube itself. Often it’s knowing which right carriage to jump (or squeeze) on to avoid fighting through crowds to the exit when getting off the other end. This brilliant App tells you exactly which carriage to get on, along with providing all the usual travel information too.

UK Train times AppUK Train Times (£4.99)

I commute into London every day. This can be a painful experience; especially when trains are delayed (or crushingly full). This App helps alleviate some of this pain by providing up-to-date train times with route planners, delays, geolocation (for you and to show where the train is) and even platform information. It might seem expensive but it’s simple, effective and without doubt one of my most used (and appreciated) Apps.

So what are your favourite iPhone (or Android) travel Apps for London? Do you agree with this list or think I’ve missed some essentials off? Feel free to add comments and suggestions below…


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